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Realizing the promise of glycobiology

Sensi-Pro® BioMarker and Clinical Diagnostic

The breakthrough assay technologies developed by Zacharon have potential beyond the company's own internal therapeutic development programs, creating the opportunity for innovative clinical diagnostics for glycan-related diseases.

Background on the Sensi-Pro® Assay

Lysosomal storage diseases, a family of approximately forty inherited diseases, result from enzyme deficiencies which cause undigested glycan fragments to accumulate in the lysosome, leading to serious and often fatal systemic disease. The family of lysosomal storage diseases includes Gaucher Disease, Fabry Disease, Metachromatic Leukodystrophy, Tay Sachs Disease, the Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS), and other disorders.

To help improve the identification, diagnosis, and clinical monitoring of these patients, several biomarker methods have been developed. However, success has been constrained by limitations in sensitivity, dynamic range, and other factors. To address this unmet need, Zacharon developed the Sensi-Pro® Assay, an innovative method capable of measuring glycan accumulation with outstanding sensitivity.

Unique Capabilities of the Sensi-Pro® Assay

  • Highly sensitive measurement of only the glycan material accumulating due to the deficient enzyme (very little, if any, background noise)
  • Very wide dynamic range allowing the sensitive comparison of alternative doses
  • Universal capability to measure substrate accumulation in a variety of sample types (blood, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, tissue, and urine)
  • Small sample size requirements (less than 5 micro-liters)
  • Characterization of the glycan fragments allowing for differential diagnosis
  • Readily adaptable to high-throughput panel-based screening methods
  • Applicable to a variety of lysosomal storage diseases

Zacharon Partnerships

Zacharon has formed several non-exclusive partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to develop and commercialize the Sensi-Pro® Assay. For example, Zacharon is collaborating with ARUP Labs to develop and commercialize the Sensi-Pro® Assay for applications involving differential diagnosis and treatment optimization of lysosomal storage diseases. Zacharon has also collaborated with several pharmaceutical partners including Pfizer and Shire to use the Sensi-Pro® Assay as a potential biomarker in clinical studies of novel lysosomal storage disease treatments. For more information, please visit the News and Publications section of this web site.

Sensi-Pro® Assay Inquiries

To inquire about research collaborations or business development opportunities related to the Sensi-Pro® Assay, please contact Zacharon Pharmaceuticals at [email protected] or 858-459-9750.