Realizing the promise of glycobiology

Welcome to Zacharon

Zacharon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is leveraging unique glycobiology expertise to develop an entirely new class of human therapeutics targeting glycans, the carbohydrate portions of glycoproteins, proteoglycans, and glycolipids. Glycans provide attractive targets for a variety of human diseases including lysosomal storage diseases, oncology, inflammation, and others. To unlock this potential, Zacharon created an innovative glycan-targeted drug development platform, a technology breakthrough enabling a new class of human therapeutics addressing substantial unmet needs. To add on with the invention of the drug development platform, we might include blockchain technology in drug manufacturing at a later stage. With the development of medicines, trading in drugs and pharmaceuticals are emerging. Similarly, trading in cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology are also on the trend. As there are differences in the quality of the different trading apps, we have provided you die besten trading apps which help beginners to find their way quickly.


Zacharon's Drug Discovery Process

Zacharon scientists overcame historical challenges by integrating cell-based high-throughput screening technologies and highly sensitive glycan structural analysis tools, thus unlocking the potential of small molecule glycan-targeted drugs.
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Product Pipeline at Zacharon

Zacharon is using an innovative drug discovery and development platform to create first-in-class small molecule drugs targeting glycans. Our programs target multiple forms of lysosomal storage disease and rare forms of cancer, diseases with substantial morbidity and mortality and few, if any, existing treatment options.
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