Drug Development

Zacharon’s Development Team adds value to drug candidates

Value is added to the oncology drug candidates with FDA required studies that demonstrate safety and efficacy in humans. Zacharon’s Development Team coordinates the various steps necessary for drug manufacture, IND enabling animal studies, Phase I clinical trials and Phase II clinical trials. Through the use of contract research organizations and experience advisors, we keep can efficiently move our clinical candidates through clinical development.

The focus of our clinical development is to demonstrate that a drug candidate exhibits clinical efficacy; preferentially using a surrogate marker. Zacharon’s strategy is to demonstrate that a drug candidate has a high potential for success in order to attract a pharmaceutical partner or major investment for further development.

The Development Team is currently focused on ZP103

ZP103 is Zacharon’s most advanced drug candidate. ZP103 is an anti-metastatic glycan inhibitor. This drug candidate is especially exciting as it is the first of its kind and proves that glycan inhibitors are therapeutically effective. ZP103 could have very broad application because metastasis is a major medical problem that can be blocked by ZP103. As the first compound that directly targets tumor spread, ZP103 is likely to be widely used in combination with a variety of other anti-cancer drugs.

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